Swimming lessons access scheme offer

 Valid at Littledown

  • Adults £17.10 per month
  • Junior £13.90 per month

Valid at Pelhams, Queen’s Park, Stokewood, and Corfe Mullen

  • Adults and juniors £14.90 per month

Please call us on 01202 055550 for availability.

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Venue: Corfe Mullen
Address: 14 Wareham Rd, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne BH21 3LE, UK
Telephone: 01202 055505
Website: https://www.bhliveactive.org.uk/centres/corfe-mullen/
Category: Exercise, Swimming
Venue: Littledown
Address: Littledown Centre Chaseside, Bournemouth BH7 7DX, UK
Telephone: 01202 055500
Website: https://www.bhliveactive.org.uk/centres/littledown-centre/
Category: Exercise, Swimming
Venue: Pelhams
Address: Pelhams Park Leisure Centre Manor Farm Rd, Bournemouth BH10 7LF, UK
Telephone: 01202 055501
Website: https://www.bhliveactive.org.uk/centres/pelhams-park-leisure-centre/
Category: Exercise, Swimming
Venue: Queen's Park
Address: 51 Queens Park S Dr, Bournemouth BH8 9BJ, UK
Telephone: 01202 055504
Website: https://www.bhliveactive.org.uk/centres/queens-park/
Category: Exercise, Swimming
Venue: Stokewood
Address: Stokewood Leisure Centre Stoke Wood Rd, Bournemouth BH3 7ND, UK
Telephone: 01202 055502
Website: https://www.bhliveactive.org.uk/centres/stokewood-leisure-centre/
Category: Exercise, Swimming

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